Our Family Story

Our Family Story….

Most of you who know me well, know that I am Military mom! I have two sons who have recently separated from the Air Force. Jayd, my youngest son, served 4 years at Moody AFB with a tour in the middle east. Jordan, my oldest son (top right) served many over seas deployments, lastly stationed at Andrews AFB as a Presidential K-9 Handler. He is married to Brooklyn (top left) with 3 beautiful daughters Melody (bottom left), Charlene (bottom middle) and Annabelle (bottom right). Who by the way have absolutely stolen my heart.

What I have learned is that there is such a hard core need for our veterans who separate from the military life and cannot adjust to our civilian life.  The transition is a painful one to watch. One I never thought even existed. Today its staring me in the face day in and day out. What to do next, where to report, who to serve! Our Armed Forces have been trained to be systematic and live a life in a black and white-with no room for grey.

Jordan founded Select Home Decor as a sole online venture.  What he learned was after months of marketing and learning the consumer needs. The online venture could not survive with out the presence of a local Brick & Mortar.   We had the location in place and took a leap of faith.  The only military saying “We leave no man behind” has resonated deep with my family. My daughter Jacklyn (to my left) is currently volunteering 30 hours a week to help make this a success all while attending school full time to become a Pediatric Oncologist and a full time job at night.

Select Home Decore & More is staying true to the Veteran core and has emplyed Karrolann, also a Veteran who served 5 honorable years active duty with the United States Marine Corps.

Together this family is not just in the business to sell furniture, décor items and gifts. Our vision is to give back to the veteran community. A percentage of the stores profit will be donated to veteran families in need, whether it be putting food on the table or furnishing their homes. Separating from the military and transitioning back into the civilian world is much more difficult than anyone could imagine. As veterans, this team is no stranger to the transition process.

The Need

I am sure you have heard it takes a village! We are stronger together!

So as a mother, I am reaching out to you, my friends! Can you please HELP me HELP my family! Small business’ can’t compete with big box stores such as Way-fair or Amazon! But they can however, when people come together. As a community we CAN make things happen!

If you have a home or gift shopping need please think of Select Home Decor & More. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and don’t forget to review us on Google. Share and spread the word! People helping people is what it’s all about! Thank you for your time to learn the why & the need!

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Wishing you all a very Happy & Blessed Thanksgiving~Pam

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