Florida Strong!

Helping the Florida Keys!

Absolutely Devastating!

It is amazing, when you think of people who leave there normal lives and volunteer to come give us some normalcy!  I had the privilege of speaking with many volunteers who have come from ALL over our country at the American Red Cross today! I am in honored to be an American, we do have a Great Country!  Please be safe out there, and everyone please thank them for their service!

Click here to continue Donating>> https://www.paypal.me/IrmaKeysAid

Here are some pictures from us delivering aid to the City of Key Colony Beach!!

Unloading Supplies



Inside the Shelter


We started out in Palm Coast Tuesday!! We made several stops heading south, the trailer is just about overflowing! People want to keep giving! We have raised $5,000k!!!I am emotionally rocked to the core and so grateful to all! Looks like another run will be made!

Our goal was to fill our 14 X 7 trailer !! With each and every donation we not only did it but surpassed! The truck cab was filled to capacity and the trailer is overflowing!! ! We pray these resources and donaters will be blessed tenfold! I don’t want to miss anyone so I won’t mention names❤️ Thank you!! Someone just stopped and thanked us, reiterated how people are starving and how much this is needed in the keys! We are loaded and on our way with this 1st load!!!

Remember everyone, it doesn’t take A LOT to make a difference it just takes A Lot OF US to give A LITTLE!!





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