Finding Balance in Real Estate

Our business is demanding; some days it requires everything we have to give. Healthy work-life balance actually facilities higher work performance. Studies have found that working 50 hours or more per week dramatically affects overall performance and success. An unbalanced work-life hinders time management, focus, and memory, among other things.

Find Your Balance by implementing habits into your life:

1.       Set reasonable expectations of yourself

2.       Set aside a day or two each week as time off.

3.       Take small breaks through-out your work days.

4.       End your work day at a set time and stick to it.

5.       Put your phone on do not disturb, if you are tempted to answer during days off or down time.

6.       Find a hobby that isn’t real estate.

7.       Plan a spectacular vacation…way in advance. 

Find your balance! You will be happier and more focused when you are working!

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